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JonDrums's blog

Tips On Playing A High-Profile Music Festival

Last weekend my hometown of Troy, Ohio was host to Mumford & Son’s Gentleman of the Road (GOTR) tour. Needless to say, city planners and officials were thrilled with the opportunity, as were many residents, but the musicians in the region were probably among most excited — me included. It just so happened that two of the bands I play drums in were invited to play at the event, not on the main stage but as part of the downtown street festival.

Survival Guide to Playing on Other People’s Drumsets

And Pulling Yourself Out of Wobbly Setup Quicksand ... It’s a known fact: drummers are particular (read: really freaking picky) about their setups. Single bass. Double bass. Double pedal. 4-pc. 20-pc. … and every possibility in between. That’s why it’s no surprise to find yourself in a slightly awkward situation when you do sit down behind someone else’s kit (what I like to call Other People’s Drums, or OPD).

Moon the Loon -- Rediscovering Keith Moon

Last weekend I was bumbling through the hundreds of channels of useless television when I stumbled upon a gem: “Listening to You: The Who, Live at the Isle of Wight” from 1970. I’ve always been a Who fan from a distance, but I admit I’ve never really been a student of their music. As a drummer you’d have to have been living on the moon not to have ever heard of the Who’s original drummer, Keith Moon.

The Art and Science of Drum Setup

Since I got my DWs in 2002, I’ve been obsessed with achieving the perfect drum setup. OK, truth is, it’s been a lifelong obsession. But the fact that I now was playing on my dream kit, this obsession got much worse.

The One Drop Reggae Rhythm

In the States, Reggae music is largely synonymous with Bob Marley. Marley's canibus drenched, emotionally charged and extremely well written songs have the transcendent power to serve as anthems for good time frat parties or revolution soundtracks. Three Little Birds tells us to "don't worry about a thing" and listening to it actually convinces you to do just that. War holds a mirror up to the world, showing us that our human nature is flawed and prone to creating dividing lines of religion and race.

Under Construction -- Drupal Madness

Hey everybody. Thanks much for visiting my new site. In the late 90s I taught myself enough web development skills to be dangerous. I started this website at that time and for the first few years at least I was very diligent about updating it. Letting people know where I was playing, what I was working on, drumming philosophy, etc. Well, you know, life happened. Married. Kids. Pets. Lawn mowers.